Amazon Contact Number: 0800 496 1081

To contact Amazon EU SARL’s UK office in England, call their main office phone number 0800 496 1081.

Amazon is now considered as the largest retailer in the world, thanks to the large profits that they make from their online retail store. With online retailing, companies can be as big as any of their brick and mortar rivals without really having the need to construct as many physical stores.

Sure, online stores still need warehouses, offices as well as a host of delivery fleets but the cost of maintaining the physical infrastructures that they do have is significantly less than those maintained by their more traditional rivals. This means that they tend to have more profit and their capital can go towards the purchase of more inventory, establishment of more partnerships as well as the delivery of more goods to more people – emphasis on the word ‘more’ – because, Amazon is certainly outpacing giant retail stores like Walmart.

In Europe, Amazon’s corporate headquarters is located in Luxembourg where they are known as Amazon EU SARL. SARL stands for Société à Résponsabilté Limitée. This is French for Limited Liabilities Company.  Even though their headquarters is located in Luxembourg, Amazon still has offices in the UK, namely, their Corporate Office that’s located in Slough, England.

Amazon UK Head Office

If you would like to call the Amazon EU SARL at their main office in the UK, then dial them on their main phone number: 0800 496 1081.

Amazon UK Customer Services

If you prefer to contact Amazon’s help and customer service phone lines, then you need to log in to your account. After you log in, visit their help page by clicking on ‘help’ found as a header on the main choices of their main page.

To reach their help page, hover over ‘Need More Help?’ and click on ‘contact us’. You will then be asked to identify details of the nature of your problem and at the end you’ll be asked what kind of communication method you prefer to use. You can choose to communicate by email, phone or chat.