Virgin Mobile Contact Number: 798

To get a Virgin Mobile Top Up, just buy a top up voucher then dial 798 from your Virgin mobile or you can send the PIN to the phone number: 789111.

Virgin Mobile is one of the best Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the UK. Much like how Richard Branson does anything he does, he followed the pragmatic route and didn’t put up any physical infrastructure for his mobile network. What he instead did was to piggy back on the existing EE network’s physical resources. Virgin Mobile got started easily by employing one of their biggest rivals. Now that’s a business strategy. The transaction was made in 1999 and was the very first instance of this happening anywhere in the world, making Virgin Mobile the pioneer of Mobile Virtual Networks.

Virgin Mobile offers contract deals as well as a Pay as You Go deal for their subscribers. They also offer mobile broadband and sell phones together with their network bundles.

How to Top Up Via Vouchers

If you’re a Pay as You Go customer of Virgin Media, then you can use the Virgin Mobile Top Up Vouchers to get a top up on your mobile credits. You can buy these vouchers from many participating retailers nationwide. You’ll identify these retailers because of the green logo. After you buy a voucher, you can call 798 direct from your Virgin mobile. You can also text the PIN to the text top up phone number: 789111

Top Up with a Credit Card or Debit Card

If you prefer the convenience of using your debit card or credit card, then register your card to them at or call them on 789 to get guidance from their support team.

After you register your card, you can top up by calling 789. You can also go to their website and log in. Or you can go to from your mobile browser and choose ‘Top Up’. You can also send the code ‘ACCOUNT’ to 80150 to get the link.

If you’d rather just get a top up by text, then you have to text the amount of your desired top up. This can range from £5 – £50 but only in increments of £5. Your card’s last 4 digits and the security number. Your text message should look something like this: 25 1234 123.