XS Direct Contact Number: 0333 344 3016

Contact the XS Direct car insurance general information phone line on 0333 344 3016 to learn more about their insurance products.

Getting a car insurance is a very serious thing that you need to fulfill both for yourself and for the government. It is a requirement so you might as well get the best car insurance premium that you can afford. This doesn’t however mean that you should squander your hard earned paycheck just to pay for your insurance policy. With XS Direct, you get a great premium at a lower cost.

XS Direct’s main business goal is to offer drivers cheap insurance without limiting the benefits that they receive. This they do because they believe that drivers generally drive safely and because of this, they’re rewarded with a cheaper car insurance policy instead of burdening them with unnecessary expenses that serve no other purpose but to fatten the proverbial wallet of the insurance company.

The only caveat to an insurer like XS Direct is that you will have a higher excess. This is negligible when you compare it to having a cheaper policy that still offers you full benefits if the time comes for you to claim.

XS Direct Phone Numbers

If you’re interested in the kind of car insurance premium that they offer but you’re still not quite clear on how they compare to their competition or if you still want some more information to tip the scale in their favour, then call them on 03333 443 016.

If you’re a new customer who is interested in getting a car insurance with the company, then call them on 03333 443 016 to get a quote.

If you’re an existing customer and would like to renew your policy for your insurance, then contact them on 03333 443 017.

If you would like to change a detail in your policy, then call them on 03333 443 017.

If your windscreen has been damaged and you would like to make a claim, then call them on 03333 443 018.

If you were unfortunate enough to be in a car accident, then call 03333 443 018 to reach their claims department.

Email XS Direct

You can also email¬†details of a claim to XS Direct if you don’t want to talk to them on the phone:¬†claims@xsdirect.co.uk