YMCA Contact Number: 0207 186 9500

To learn more about the YMCA, you can contact their enquiries phone line on 0207 186 9500.

The YMCA or the Young Men’s Christian Association is a worldwide organisation that had its roots in London. It was founded by George Williams as a way for him and his fellow workers at a local draper to get together and have spiritual sustenance while at the same time having heathy recreation that they so severely lacked in those days. The group attracted young men from all over and soon the organsation expanded to other countries. In 1978, they were even immortalised in song by the Village People.

What was once an exclusive club for men soon became more inclusive with their membership. They now have female members as well as members not of the Christian faith. This development in their membership ultimately would make the organisation more Christian as they now join together in the global endeavour to bring peace to all nations by bringing everyone together in a spirit of community.

The main thrust of the YMCA is to help their young members build their future no matter how bleak their current living condition may be.

YMCA Contact Numbers

If you’re interested in YMCA and would like to learn more about the organisation or if you would like to become a member or a volunteer, then you can call them on 0207 186 9500.

If you would like to make donations to your local Y, then you can visit them directly or you can call 01242 677 690.

Email the YMCA

You can also send your enquiries to enquiries@ymca.org.uk if you prefer to write to them.

If you’re a member of the press and you would like to contact them to get more information about what they do or how they operate for a story you are writing or producing, then email them on: press@ymca.org.uk

Post to the YMCA

You can also visit their London headquarters at:

YMCA England,
29-35 Farringdon Road,
United Kingdom.